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I will be java programmer

Posted in Friend by wearetherock on March 1, 2008


I like programming, I will be the most export java programmer in the world, I will carry this material anywhere anytime.

Good Advice For Computer Science Students 
ref :

1. Practice the fundamentals. Don’t spend all your efforts on popular languages and tools, and the skills listed in the job advertisements.

2. Seek more challenges. Experience in programming can reinforce your knowledge. Try to accumulate the experience of writing 100,000 lines of code when you are in your 4th year.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Do not underestimate any of the actual work, such as seemingly simple coding or testing. You will gain professional experience pursuing and paying attention to the details of the code.

4. Don’t forget about mathematics. Math is gymnastics to your brain. Math is everywhere. If you are particularly interested in math-intensive tasks, such as video and image processing, you will need these skills as your tools.

5. Develop a team spirit and to learn how to work well with others.

6. Encourage innovation, and don’t necessarily stick to the authors code in the books.

7. Work strategically. Try to find meaningful and interesting summer job or part-time job if it does not affect you schoolwork.


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