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Please go home

Posted in Friend by wearetherock on March 1, 2008


O : Why we in here, why not we go home?
Lhong : I don’t know, I’m waiting for a teacher, why not you go back alone?
O : I like TaTa, I will go to see TaTa concert, she is my idol please go home with me.
Lhong : No, I don’t like TaTa, I like Natalie she look so beautiful like me.

How students use their spare time tends to reveal who they are.
ref :

Students like to use their time in many different ways. Some may use their time prudently, such as doing homework, while others choose to be irresponsible in their usage, such as talking with friends in the hallway. This can be a window into the way they treat the rest of their lives. read more


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