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Failed Algorithm Analysis & Design Exam

Posted in Class by wearetherock on March 5, 2008

Final examination 2008


I failed this exam, I have tried but I can’t.
You not enough practise, Serves you right!, please see
– Dijkstra’s algorithm
– KMP Flowchart Construction
– Chain Matrix Multiplication

When faced with these trials and difficulties, I decided I had two choice. I could to be down in the dumps or I could choose to be cheerful.

I chose to be cheerful, don’t be sad, I will be better tomorrow.

What would you do when you failed your exam?
ref :

A : If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. Keep the paper so you can use it to improve the next one.

B : I would throw the exam paper into the waste basket, I just threw one away not because I failed but because I gave it to be remarked and the as*hole who remarked it gave me a LOWER MARK

C : Hey just try again, a few of my friends have failed their uni exams and have to retake a to pass every module needs to be passed as it is a honors, just try the best you can the next time and you have an idea what to expect

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