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Present Myself

Posted in Friend by wearetherock on March 5, 2008


Hey ! A teacher assign you to present your papers not yourself !!!


Yes, That’s right !!!

Good vs. poor presenter characteristics
ref :

G = The Good Presenter
P = The Poor Presenter

G : Prepared
P : Starts preparing the night before

G : Authoritative
P : Apologetic

G : Has researched the audience’s needs
P : “Which town am I in?”

G : Respects the audience’s time and “cost” for attending
P : “They’re privileged to hear me speak”

G : Gives 3-5 “take home” points
P : Encyclopedic

G : Involves and engages
P : “Lights down. First slide, please.”

G : Tells stories
P : Lists facts

G : “I love interacting with this audience!”
P : “I could be playing golf!”

G : Fastidious clothing, neutral colors
P : Fly is open, chive stuck between teeth

G : Neat, edited handout that parallels the spoken message
P : Typos, misspellings, and piles of smudged article photocopies destined never to be read

G : 35 mm slides sequenced and right-side up and slide carrousel hub locked
P : 35 mm slides out of order, upside down, or (worst case) spilled

G : Computer projected slides reinforce the spoken message
P : Overuse of computer slide builds and transitions induce nausea, nystagmus, and vertigo

G : Rehearses opening, closing, slide transitions, and pace
P : “Who has time to rehearse?”

G : Communicates and motivates
P : Lectures


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