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Recording terminal session

Posted in Tips by wearetherock on May 5, 2008

Using “script” utility

When i typed sequential commands in linux terminal, especially to solve complicate problem, i found that i will repeat previouse command hang around, because when much more output occur in the screen and slide out of the window, i can’t remember what’s an error happen before and i will lost all concentrate immediately.

So i will alway run script utility before to record all activity into a file, when problem can not solve at certain session i will stop and see that file. It made me be steady and calm.

How to

1. before start anytime type
script -a mysession to record all session to mysession file
2. type whatever you want
3. type exit for terminate recording
4. use less -r mysession to see all activity, move around using key k and j

There are many function with script see also
Record the terminal session and replay later

Replaying terminal sessions with scriptreplay

Capturing and replaying console/terminal sessions with script and scriptreplay

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