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Map Reduce

Posted in Uncategorized by wearetherock on September 30, 2008

Try it out

– The Google MapReduce framework is implemented in C++ with interfaces in Python and Java.
– The Hadoop project is a free open source Java MapReduce implementation.
– Greenplum is a commercial MapReduce implementation, with support for Python, Perl, SQL and other languages.
– Phoenix is a shared-memory implementation of MapReduce implemented in C.
– MapReduce has also been implemented for the Cell Broadband Engine, also in C.
– MapReduce has been implemented on NVIDIA GPUs (Graphics Processors) using CUDA .
– Qt Concurrent is a simplified version of the framework, implemented in C++, used for distributing a task between multiple processor cores.
– CouchDB uses a MapReduce framework for defining views over distributed documents
– Skynet is an open source Ruby implementation of Google’s MapReduce framework
– Disco is an open source MapReduce implementation by Nokia. Its core is written in Erlang and jobs are normally written in Python.
– Aster Data Systems nCluster In-Database MapReduce implements MapReduce inside the database.

try Hadoop, then Qt


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