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Empower yourself

In the beginning there was only pure light.
This light created everything in the universe.
It created our great blue planet…
our plentiful environment…
from vast plains…
to natural heat energy…
and unparalleled beauty…
the source has given us everything
But we still ask: Who are we? Why are we are?
We are the original light.
We are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body.
We are here to grow and evolve through time.
Our mission is to improve conditions on planet earth for all living beings.
We are powerful, unlimited beings,
We can accomplish anything we choose.
But we must act now.
We must believe in ourselves and others.
In time of great despair..
the source will guide us, if we choose to listen…
Our whole planet is finally awakening…
remember who you really are…

See this film :


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